About Beverly Mills

Hey there! I can't seem to shake my Southern speak even though life has taken me pretty far from the one-stoplight town where I grew up along the coast of North Carolina. My roots there still run deep although I now live in Washington, D.C. Nearly everything I know about food that's really worth knowing I learned growing up in that small Southern town. It seems like I spent half my childhood working in the vegetable garden behind my grandparents' house. I shelled peas and shucked corn until my thumbs got blisters. But then we'd eat those vegetables all winter long, and I'm here to testify that nothing tastes better in January than fresh corn you flash-froze in July!

For me and my family, food has always been serious business. My dad digs fresh clams and makes gallons of chowder from scratch. (The adapted Desperation recipe is here on Kitchen Scoop!) My grandmother was known across three counties for her melt-in-your-mouth pound cake. My mom has a third (!) freezer of emergency food for any community need that springs up on short notice.

It's a lot to live up to.

So even though you might like to know that I've been a journalist for three decades, doing everything from city hall reporter to food editor and restaurant critic for The Miami Herald, that's not the reason I feel qualified to write about food. It's the fact that I simply have cooking in my bones.

My husband Anders Gyllenhaal and I are parents of Sam, newly graduated from Elon University, and daughter Grey, a student at the University of Maryland in College Park. When I'm not reading about food, dreaming about food and planning the next meal, I read a lot, paint, walk my dog and head to the beach every chance I get.