A fruit soup shot, you said? Sure did!

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Featured Recipe: Fruit Soup Shots

Fruit Soup Shots

Early summer is my entertaining season. I love a deck party. When the days are nice and warm and the evenings can still cool off a bit, gathering on the deck for food and fellowship is the way to go.
Today’s recipe is super easy to prepare ahead, doesn’t heat up the kitchen and makes a splash at any adult gathering. It’s part adult smoothie, part cold soup course and part cocktail: Introducing Fruit Soup Shots. These little gems are full of the season’s best berries and are topped with a drizzle of Triple Sec for that unexpected pop of flavor. You can blend them and refrigerate up to 12 hours before serving and pour them in your shot glasses when you’re ready to party.
If deck and patio parties are not your things, they make a perfect brunch aperitif or cold soup course. The bright berry color and tiny mint leaf is simply pretty as a picture. Enjoy!

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