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Featured Recipe: Petra's Guacamole

Petra's Guacamole

There are probably as many recipes for guacamole as there are people who love this Mexican specialty. Here’s my personal favorite -- maybe because it came from a special friend but probably because it’s terrific and simple.

I first met Petra Munoz de Rojas while on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico. After spending the day building cinder block walls, our crew of 20 sat down to a simple dinner graciously prepared by Petra and a few other women from the neighborhood.

The beginning of the “buffet-style” line featured a large mixing bowl of freshly prepared guacamole. One bite and I knew I’d want nothing else to eat the rest of the week. Forget eating it only as a dip -- I wanted guacamole as an appetizer, entrée and side dish!

I thanked Petra repeatedly, but with my limited Spanish, I wondered if she ever understood just how much I appreciated the delicious results of her labor. When language is a barrier, a smile goes a very long way, and mine stretched from ear to ear.

Petra’s guacamole doesn’t have lemon or lime juice, which is often included in guacamole recipes. One benefit to citrus juice is the preservative effects it has on the avocados, as they turn dark very quickly after being cut. (We eat this guacamole so quickly, the color change is not a problem for us.)

This is Petra’s original version, only in a smaller quantity than she prepares for her hungry “Americanos from Carolina del Norte.” It can easily be doubled or tripled.

I encourage you to try the original recipe, and then if you want to create your own personal version add any of the typical “add-ins.” They include roasted or raw garlic, lemon or lime juice, green onions (instead of part or all of the yellow onions), salsa (instead of, or in addition to the tomatoes).

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Petra's Guacamole

Petra's Guacamole

July 13, 2016

Guacamole recipes abound, but this is my personal favorite recipe because it came from a special friend in Mexico. To say this recipe is authentic is putting it mildly.

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