Happy Birthday To My Mom!

From   |  April 04, 2014
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"When is the last time you had a birthday party, mom?"

It seemed like an innocent question. But I was not prepared for the answer.

"I've never had one."

I couldn't believe it. Surely as many birthday parties as Mom was in on and threw for others, she'd had one thrown in her honor! But I'm 50 and can't remember ever doing anything for mom except taking her out to dinner. And isn't that the way it usually is? The one who does the planning, who sends the invites, who is basically in charge of the social calendar gets left out when it's their turn? I can blame the others in her life, my dad - her ex-husband, my grandmother, her friends, etc. But there's only one person looking back at me in the mirror!

So this year, for her 75th birthday, we had a party for mom! And oh  boy was it a blast!

We had been on a River Cruise with Wilmington Water Tours last fall and so enjoyed the beautiful scenery, friendly crew and wonderful Cruisin' Rum Punch, I knew it would be the perfect venue to host the celebration.

They do amazing educational, morning, afternoon and sunset tours as well as host special events and private parties. If you're looking for a unique space in Wilmington, NC - what better place than the gorgeous Cape Fear River?

The perspective you get from the river is like no other. Here's a shot I took last fall of our proud Coast Guard Cutter - USCGC Diligence.

Captain Doug Springer and his wife Diane Upton are amazing hosts aboard The Wilmington. Doug's immense knowledge of our River and engaging personality make for an unforgettable evening. I was torn during mom's birthday cruise between listening to Doug's comments, Rob Ronner's beautiful ballads and guitar playing and talking with all our friends. As Captain Doug "chased the sun" there was always beauty to behold.


And then as if on cue...our beautiful city welcomed us back to dock with her evening lights twinkling. Happy Birthday Mom! I hope this party was worth waiting for!



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