My Life- Danger Under Construction

From   |  April 07, 2013
In Hometown Scoop, Life Scoop

There was a time a couple years ago when I should have worn a sign like this around my neck. I was emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually under construction. And because of the fear at the rate everything was changing, I was loathed to be around others. It was a deep-seeded fear that somehow my junk would poison them too.

It was a lonely, depressing place.

Thankfully I was surrounded by people who wouldn't let me sink any deeper than I had already gone and they helped me find the therapy and program I needed to begin to rebuild my life. Just like building house from the ground up, I've been building my life back since my devastating divorce.

So beginning today I'll be adding regularly to two new blog categories on Kitchen Scoop - Life Scoop which will trace my journey back to a full and abundant life and Hometown Scoop which will follow the building of my new home and my discovery of my new hometown.

As always, I love your feedback and ask that you join the conversation with respect to all involved.

Looking forward to the days ahead....


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