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Desperation Entertaining Cookbook

Socially inclined but time-deprived? Want to have friends for dinner but getting your act together seems impossible? Yep. We know exactly how you feel. So we wrote a cookbook full of fast recipes for entertaining.

Need pie now?

Many of our all-time favorite recipes are in this book, like Beverly's grandmother's pecan pie. We fiddled with our Crock Pots until we came up with an assortment of stupendous stews that let us do errands until 5 and have friends over at 7.

It's all in a phased work

Our goal was to become queens of the do-ahead, and the easily elegant. We refuseed to spend more than 20 minutes at a time on a dish -- whether it's 20 minutes total or 20 minutes per cook-ahead phase.

Of course there are tips.

But we hope the real genius of the book is in the recipes. People who haven't encountered the methods in our madness never quite believe that anything this easy (i.e. Desperate!) can really be that good. So we're throwing down the challenge. You'll find lots of recipes from the book here on Kitchen Scoop. Try a couple and see for yourself.

Who's coming over this weekend?

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